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Using the Babocush to look after mum's wellbeing too

Using the Babocush to look after mum's wellbeing too

Being a mum makes you a master multi-tasker, whether it came naturally or not – you were simply given no other choice. Adapting and rising to the challenges of daily life while adding the additional challenge, albeit a very welcome one, of a new-born baby can leave you feeling like you need to split yourself into a million pieces to get everything done.  

If you’re working, or have a family or toddler to take care of as well as your new little one, you’ll know that it can feel like an insurmountable task sometimes to achieve everything, so it’s no surprise that you can quickly start to feel overwhelmed. That’s what we love about the Babocush – it’s not only a saviour for fussy babies, but it really helps mums’ feel better in the process, and your emotional wellbeing is just as important as your baby’s physical wellbeing. Here’s a few reasons why we think using the Babocush can look after mum’s wellbeing too. 

Be confident you're doing the best for your baby

As a mum, you only want the best for your kids. From what they eat, to what you bathe them in to how often you hold them, you want to be 100% confident that you’re doing the right thing. The beauty of the Babocush is that it’s been developed by a mum with first-hand experience of what you’re going through and she only wants the best for her kids too. The reviews from other mum’s after using the Babocush should really set your mind at ease too about whether you’re making the right decision. Imagine the relief for both you and your baby when you finally find a safe, reliable and thoroughly tested solution to ease the screaming for a little while. 

15 minutes to spend with your other kids

We all know how important it is to spend time with your children individually, but when you have a colic-stricken new born, it can feel like the only thing you have time to do is hold them and try to get some sleep. Enter guilt mode - but it doesn’t have to be this way. The Babocush can provide a few minutes of relief from your new born mummy-duties to keep up with your toddler-minding duties! Whether it’s a few minutes to sit and read a story or play together, knowing that your new baby is safe and soothed in their Babocush means you can devote some time and attention to your other family members again, without feeling guilty that you’ve left your baby upset or stricken. 

Add a bit of normality to dinner time again

Do you remember what it felt like to sit down to dinner and use both hands to eat? Well, that feeling needn’t be a distant memory with the Babocush. Leaving your baby to prepare dinner or enjoy a meal with your partner where you don’t have to devote 100% of your attention to the baby can help to add a bit of normality to your day again and have some much-needed adult conversation. 

Treat yourself to a bath

Wouldn’t it be bliss to sink into the tub filled with bubbles and chill out for half an hour? With your Babocush, that’s not a problem. You can keep your baby beside you the whole time, nice and content on their tummy while you give yourself a chance to breathe again. Your own emotional wellbeing is so important after having a baby, so don’t feel guilty about taking some time out to make yourself feel human again. 

Absolute comfort for unsettled babies

Keeping your newborn settled and happy while still making time your toddler, partner and day to day life.